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Lara promises to school Alvarez

Erislandy Lara ready for the biggest fight of his career
Erislandy Lara ready for the biggest fight of his career
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Now that the bout between Mexican superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Erislandy Lara is official, the Cuban Lara is claiming that Alvarez will be schooled once they step into the ring together.

Lara is coming of an impressive performance against Austin Trout in a bout which he won clear unanimous decision over the New Mexico native this past June.

Before defeating Trout, Lara found himself down a few times in a fight against Alfredo Angulo which many of his fans though he would loose. After being down both in the fourth and ninth round, Lara was able to surprisingly stopped Angulo in the 10th by causing big damage to Angulo’s right eye with a vicious straight left hook that saw the bout come to and end.

For his new opponent Canelo, his latest bout came against Angulo as well, but the Mexican superstar made easy work of the brawler, outboxing him through the entire fight until eventually forcing referee Tony Weeks to stop the bout in the 10th round after a vicious uppercut.

In the post fight interview, as Canelo was addressing the media, Lara who attended the fight, stepped up to the podium and challenged Alvarez in front of all the media. Canelo and his translator easy dismissed Lara, stating that one of the few people in the room who was actually interested in the fight was Lara’s own manager.

Alvarez also told Lara that he had to wait, that approaching him at post fight press conferences is not how fights are made.

Well, it seems that Lara knew something Canelo didn’t, because now the fight is official and the move by Lara worked, just like it did for Shane Mosley when he confronted Mayweather at his post fight interview a few years back.

In a recent interview on radio show “The Pugilist KOrner”, Lara trainer Ronnie Shields told the host, “"Canelo is going to realize on July 12th that he made a serious mistake in taking on Erislandy Lara. Once he gets in that ring, Canelo is going to realize who Erislandy Lara really is and understand why everyone has been ducking him for so long."

Also on Twitter, Lara himself tweeted, “"I can't wait. Canelo is going to get schooled on July 12th...he's going to get schooled in a big way!”

This is a very even match-up, one that can go either way, both fighters can box, they both have a lot of power on both hands and both have proven to overcome adversity in the past. Their resumes are very even as well, with both having faced Trout and Angulo in their last three fights.

This fight can go either way, but at the moment, given their ranking and recent performances, Alvarez will most likely be the favorite to win the bout. Lets see if Lara can back up his promise and pull of the upset. The fight takes place July 12th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, live on Showtime.

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