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Laptops Equal Poor Reproduction?

Caution- Men: Laptops may be hazardous to your reproductive health.
Caution- Men: Laptops may be hazardous to your reproductive health.

If you haven’t caught up on your latest reading of Fertility and Sterility, you may not know that a new study has shown that using a laptop, in your lap, may not be healthy for male reproductive health. The cause- overheating.

Within ten to fifteen minutes of balancing a laptop on their knees, even with a laptop pad, the 29 young men in the study were found to have unsafe scrotum temperatures’. Each time, the men were oblivious to the unsafe rise in heat.

The study was also conducted with the participants spreading their knees wide, to allow circulation of air around the scrotum; however, this only delayed the warming period.

Infertility is caused, half of the time, by male fertility issues. One issue of fertility is temperature. The male body was designed so that the testicles are hanging away from the body, that way they are normally a few degrees cooler than the normal body temperature. Hence the reason for “shrinkage” in cold weather; as the testicles become cold, they draw into the body, attempting to gain warmth from the core body temperature.

Although the researchers did not feel that using a laptop would cause infertility, they did feel it could contribute to infertility issues. Earlier research has shown that warming the scrotum even more than one degree Celsius is enough to damage sperm.

Another condition that affects both men and women when using a laptop is, “Toasted Skin Syndrome”. This occurs when the skin overheats from the use of a laptop and causes a mottled appearance to the inner thigh area.



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