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Lea Michele talks 'Louder' and Cory Monteith: Her vegan diet & workout secrets

"Glee" star Lea Michele loves her super-fit body, which is due to a healthy diet and regular workouts.

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Former vegan Lea Michele's diet and workout secrets
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“I’m very comfortable with my own body," Michele told Seventeen March 4. "I come from Broadway. Everybody’s naked on Broadway."

Lea, who used to follow a vegan diet, is toned and tight, thanks to hiking, yoga and grueling dance workouts. She said being fit and active has helped her feel less inhibited about her body.

"I like to think of myself as more granola," Michele said. "I’m not going to run around naked or anything like that unless I’m at my own home. Today, I walked into my backyard and was standing out there naked for a while.”

The 5-foot-2 Lea has been vegetarian and vegan on and off for years, but always makes a point to eat healthy.

"I go back and forth between [being a vegan and not being a vegan]," said Michele, who detailed her diet and workout secrets in her memoir, Brunette Ambition. "I try lots of different things. I really feel that you need to kind of listen to your body and what your body is telling you to eat. So I was a vegan for about two years."

Lea, who dated her "Glee" co-star Cory Monteith before his untimely death (of a drug overdose) in July 2013, said the past year has been extremely hard, but she has nothing but fond memories.

“I only have happy memories of Cory," said Michele. "He was not his addiction. Unfortunately, it won. But that wasn’t who he was. Cory made me feel like a queen every day. From the minute he said, ‘I’m your boyfriend,’ I loved every day, and I thank him for being the best boyfriend and making me feel so beautiful.”

"Glee" will end after its sixth season, but Lea is excited about pursuing other projects, including music. Lea just released her new album, Louder, an 11-track compilation showcasing her incredible voice.

“ 'Louder' has songs that express extreme love and some pain," said Michele. "I look at it and think, 'That was my year.' I didn’t record any songs that I didn’t completely relate to."

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