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LaPorte police officer cleared after investigation for killing family dog

Officer cleared after shooting dog
Officer cleared after shooting dog
Facebook: Justice for Nero

The LaPorte, Indiana police officer who shot and killed a family dog has been cleared of wrongdoing following an investigation, NWI Times reported May 2.

Daniel Shoaf, owner of an 8-month-old puppy named Nero, has started a petition and a Facebook page with the hopes that Office Christopher School will be fired. Witnesses of the shooting and the LaPorte Police Department have conflicting reports on what happened at his 316 G. Street home on April 20.

Police report
LaPorte Police Office Christopher Schoof went to the home to arrest a man believed to be at the residence. Nero was on a leash, and charged the officer when the collar broke. Schoof retreated, but Nero continued to charge and show his teeth.

Schoof said he fired his weapon twice. One shot hit the dirt, and the other struck Nero in the chest. Nero had also showed "aggression" to officers when they visited the home a few days earlier.

The police reports shows two people were on the porch, and a third one came out of the home following the shooting.

According to witnesses, Nero was jumping up and playing as puppies do. They also say if the officer had fired his weapon any higher one of them could have been hit. Witnesses also say police had paid a visit to the home on a previous occasion, and were told the person they were looking for hadn't lived there in the past three months.

Daniel stated on the petition page

"Nero was turning to run in the house when he shot him a second time in the chest. He was firing in the direction of my porch where four people were sitting. My roommates flipped out of course and the cop, officer Chris Schoof, threatened to arrest everyone.''

Nero was taken to the North Central Veterinary Emergency Center, where he later died.

The online petition can be found here.

A Facebook page, Justice for Nero has been started here.

After reading both sides of this case, do you believe this officer was justified in shooting Nero? Please leave a comment below.

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