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LAPD scouring for shotgun that fell from officer's motorcycle

A shotgun fell of an LAPD motorcycle such as this, it has yet to be recovered
A shotgun fell of an LAPD motorcycle such as this, it has yet to be recovered
Photo by Paul Chesne/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Police Department is looking for a shotgun that fell off an officer’s motorcycle on Thursday. Parts of West Martin Luther King Boulevard in South Los Angeles were on lockdown for a few hours as the LAPD searched for the missing weapon; as of Friday, the shotgun has still not been found.

It is reported that the locking mechanism on the mount of the officer’s motorcycle broke, causing the shotgun to fall free. Normally, the shotgun is attached to a motorcycle horizontally with the barrel facing toward the front of the bike, secured in place with a clip and Velcro strap. The LAPD is supposedly making a transition to a vertical shotgun holsters for all of their motorcycles. It has not been made clear if the weapon, which is either a Benelli M4 or a Remington 870 shotgun, according to the LAPD’s list of equipment, was loaded or not.

An LAPD spokesperson said a motorist notified the officer that his shotgun had fallen off his motorcycle a few blocks back. When the officer returned to the presumed area, the shotgun was gone and the LAPD closed down the area near the intersection of Florence and Normandie around 1 p.m. local time. The search was called off around 7:30 p.m. with the gun still missing.

If the reputation of South Central Los Angeles is in any way accurate, the police shotgun is long gone. When interviewed by the local news station, residents of the neighborhood laughed off the possibility of someone turning the gun back to the LAPD. The news station also reported a police K-9 bit an officer during the search. The bitten officer required surgery and the dog will be suspended until an investigation is complete.

A police captain is blaming a faulty lock, but the LAPD has launched an investigation as to how exactly the shotgun fell off the officer’s motorcycle.