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LAPD police chief apologizes: 'No punishment' for police who removed cameras

LAPD car
LAPD car
Wikimedia Commons

LAPD police chief Charlie Beck apologized for various car camera tampering incidents. According to NewsMax, Beck had known that officers on his command were tampering with the video cameras in their squad cars and he now says that they should be held accountable. Last July it was discovered that about half of the cameras in LAPD squad cars had been removed.

"In addition to the apology, Beck said they would make sure the antennas were never again tampered with by making unannounced checks on random cars, and requiring officers to document the two antennas in each car at the beginning and end of each shift," reports NewsMax.

The LAPD police chief apologized and said that he would do his absolute best to ensure that "mistakes" aren't made in the future. At this point in time, none of the officers involved in the tampering of the cameras are facing consequences. Cameras are expected to be reinstalled in the squad cars and "hundreds more" police cars are expected to be equipped.

According to the report, officers with on-body cameras will also be patrolling the streets. These plans have been in the works for quite some time and they will be going into effect soon. As for why the cameras were tampered with in the first place, many believe that cops were trying to cover their own you-know-whats.

When an LAPD police chief apologizes for something of this nature, one would think that this was an admission/confession and that disciplinary action would be taken. So far, there hasn't been any consequences in this case.