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LAPD manhunt: Eight officers violated policy, disciplinary action may be taken

A police car pulling up to a crime scene
A police car pulling up to a crime scene
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

An LAPD manhunt case has resulted in eight officers being deemed to have violated police department policy this week in the shooting of two innocent women. Officials from a civilian oversight board gathered this Monday and Tuesday to discuss whether these LAPD authorities were in the wrong after erroneously opening fire during the frantic manhunt for Christopher Dorner, the on-the-run ex-cop. Yahoo! News shares this Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, that disciplinary action may now be taken against the accused officers if their police chief believes it to be necessary over failure to follow protocol.

The LAPD manhunt incident occurred when the eight law enforcement officers — seemingly caught up in the moment during the mass search for the rogue Christopher Dorner — shot at two women. According to the Police Commission’s recent decision, the possibility of disciplinary measures (if any) now resides under the discretion of Police Chief Charlie Beck. While the internal investigation of the mistaken weapon firing was underway, the police authorities were assigned to various non-field roles and duties.

“Dorner had vowed warfare on Los Angeles police officers and their families early last year for what he called an unfair firing. He killed the daughter of a former police official and her fiance, and two law enforcement officers during a 10-day run from authorities.”

The accidental shooting in the midst of the LAPD manhunt for Dorner took place almost a year ago, occurring early in the morning on Feb. 7, 2013. A woman and her 71-year-old mother at the time, Margie Carranza and Emma Hernandez, were in the middle of dropping off newspapers on their usual route just after 5 a.m. when the LAPD officers (who were watching the Torrance home of a specific target that was cited in the suspect’s manifesto) fired over 100 rounds at their sitting vehicle.

Carranza only suffered minor injuries, but Hernandez was shot directly in the back. Both victims survived the ordeal. The two women were paid $4.2 million for the ordeal due to pain and suffering back in April 2013. An additional $40,000 was part of the financial settlement to compensate for the destruction of the pickup truck at the time.

Do you believe that disciplinary action should be taken against the eight LAPD officers? Sound off below.

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