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LAPD manhunt: Cops violated procedure shooting at women delivering newspapers

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Eight police officers violated department policy when they opened fire on two women during the LAPD manhunt for cop turned cop killer last year. It was recommended that the mistaken identity shooting be ruled "out of policy" by Police Chief Charlie Beck and the inspector general for the LAPD Commission, Alex Bustamante.

The disciplinary actions against the individual officers were not divulged but the officers involved in this mistaken identity case may see disciplinary actions of extensive retraining, suspensions and possible firings. The two women were injured during this shooting, but they've recovered from the wounds, according to the Christian Science Monitor on Feb. 4.

The women were paid 4.2 million dollars by the city to settle this claim,plus another $30,000 to replace their pickup truck which was riddled with bullets during this event. Christopher Donner was a cop who turned killer, seeking retaliation for being fired, he killed a police official's daughter and her fiance.

Police were guarding another home belonging to a person whose name appeared on Donner's manifesto at the time the mistaken identity took place. When the two women, who were delivering newspapers in a blue pickup truck, were mistaken for Donner.

First of all the officers were on high alert as someone reported seeing Donner's blue pickup truck in the area of this stake out earlier in the day. He appeared to be scoping out the neighborhood. Then police warned that Donner had just gotten off a highway exit, which was near the police stake out so at the time the women rolled down the street, police were expecting Donner.

The truck was blue, but that was about all that it had in common with the truck Donner was driving. His had ski racks on his truck and big over sized tires, which was not the case with the woman's truck. They trucks were different makes and models. Part of the procedure would have been for police to make sure all the descriptions matched before taking shooting action.



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