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LAPD Lamborghini: A tool in crime fighting or a splash of bling?

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The LAPD Lamborghini is already taking on a life of its own. The Lamborghini, which was donated for the LAPD to use, has a Twitter and Instagram account, as well as its own website, according to News Max on March 21.

While the super fast car would come in handy for those high speed chases, it is a car that will be used for promotions for the LAPD. It won’t be a new tool in crime fighting when it comes to needing speed.
Nathalie and Travis Marg of Light Source 1 Inc. donated the use of their Lamborghini to the LAPD. It is expected to be used in recruitment and charitable events.

The Lamborghini came with the LAPD painted logo, which says “To Protect and Service.” The donated use of this car will most likely do some good when it comes to advertising for the business that owns it, Light Source 1.

The Lamborghini looks like one high-class police car with that police logo. The LAPD is showing off their new bling at the LA County Air Show this weekend. Folks can take a gander at the new addition to the LAPD on Friday and Saturday March 21 and March 22 at the show.