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Lapbooks are easy way to enhance homeschool unit studies

Sample lapbook product on homeschool music unit study.
Sample lapbook product on homeschool music unit study.
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Homeschoolers are using lapbooking methods to enhance their unit studies and record their curriculum covered. Lapbooking is the practice of taking plain file folders and refolding them, then using these to store minit books.

These lapbooks are typically used when studying specific topics, such as within a unit study. The term Lap Book ™ comes from creators at Tobin’s Lab. People now use both Lap Book ™ and lapbooking to refer to this method.

To create the lapbook, take a plain file folder and open it so that it is flat. Fold each short side in to meet the middle crease line. When this has been done, there will be six interior sections separated by the creases. Each of these sections will be used to glue down the minit books.

Minit books are small, mini, books, usually stapled together along one edge. The back side of the last page of the book is glued to the file folder, or lapbook. The information in each minut book covers one small portion of the unit study topic.

There are several homeschool publishers which utilize the lapbooking method. Some of these are Five in a Row (FIAR), Evan Moor, and authors Cyndy Regeling and Tammy Duby.

Homeschoolers can also find great free resources for lapbooking, or families can create their own. At Homeschool Share homeschoolers can find many printable lapbook minit books to use in their unit studies. These are divided by grade and topic.

If families choose to create their own unit studies and incorporate lapbooking, the North Mankato Taylor Library is a great place to find mini units comprised of books put together in groups by the librarians on various topics. These are especially valuable for use with younger kids who might want to have shorter studies.

One of the great benefits of lapbooking is the storage of the finished products. Everything is together in one easy to store format that highlights the topics studied.


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