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Landslides and tsunami in Norway: Natural calamity puzzles scientists

Sloshing seas cause tsunamis and king tides
Sloshing seas cause tsunamis and king tides

A bizarre landslide and localized tsunami leaves scientists puzzled in Nord-Statland, Norway. On January 29, 2014, the county of Nord-Trøndelag in Norway had to deal with the aftermath of "yet another" natural calamity that forced evacuations. No one was injured, but more than 50 people had to be evacuated.

Norway landslide and tsunami: Earth wobble and sloshing seas

The earth wobble and sloshing seas:

During the Pole Shift, Norway has a high ground advantage, but by bordering the coastline will be assaulted with both tidal waves from the Atlantic's sloshing and higher tides. This higher tide makes the tidal waves more forceful, such that they wash inland before dissipating. Thus, those in Norway should seek higher ground during the shift. As the earth wobble intensifies, sloshing seas occur, with water rushing into and out of bays, to and from the Atlantic. Those at the ends of the fjords may need to worry about water rushing inland a bit. ZetaTalk

Puzzled geologists and technicians "thought" an undersea landslide set off a tidal wave that smashed through the small community of Nord-Statland. They "assumed" that the destruction on late Wednesday afternoon was caused by a landslide into the sea on the other side of the fjord that sent a huge wave crashing into the small port.

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However, after a closer look into the damage, the indications are that the landslide could not have set off such a reaction from the sea. Officials at the state waterways agency NVE now "think" an underwater landslide is to blame.

The tsunami hit the small Norwegian village of Nord-Statla around around 4:30 p.m. One witness said the wave that crashed into the village was more than 45 ft. high (15 meters).

Police arriving at the scene said the small coastal community "looked like a battlefield," with damaged boats scattered at sea and several buildings destroyed or badly damaged. Only a few were partially above the waterline. A car and several docks were tossed into the sea.

The damage to the village is dramatic as can be seen in the slideshow photos, as well as before and after images (from

Things are heating up dramatically. As Planet X (Nibiru) gets closer, more natural calamities of this type should be expected.

To be warned, is to be forearmed. Tick tock, time is short

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