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Landscaping advice and freezing weather tips from Olshan

In Houston and nationwide
In Houston and nationwide
Olshan Home Solutions

In a previous article I shared freezing weather advice from Olshan regarding pipes and plumbing. In this article, I'm sharing landscaping advice in freezing weather from Olshan.

Customers can sign up to receive home tips from Olshan, and I wanted to share some of their very timely weather advice.

For ways to protect your plumbing, read the following words of wisdom from Curtis Scoggins, Registred Landscape Architect:

When temperatures dip below the freezing mark, it is important to protect your plants and sprinkler system.

Plant Tips:

Deeply water all landscapes a day before the freeze. This will form a barrier to protect roots of trees, shrubs, and grasses

Wrap plants on the corners of the house to protect against wind chill damage on the leaves. Old sheets, blankets or freeze cloths are better than plastic. Evergreen plants should not be covered.

Wrap any plants that are warm season plants (i.e. Tropical Hybiscuss, Fatsia, Hydranglea's, ferns, and plants on the North and Northwest sides of the house).

Wind damage will cause as much damage as the basic freezing conditions. But wind at the end of the event can be a good thing because no wind causes the temperature to drop.

Sprinkler System Tips:

Turn off the system at the controller. All irrigation systems are required to have a sensor to cut off the system when temperatures drop below 32 degrees.

Wrap all exposed pipes & backflow valves (vacuum breakers).

Turn off water at Double Check valve box to stop any water in the system. Most systems have a drain valve on the main line to drain water out of the system. Open the valve, drain system, close valve. When the threat of freeze is over reverse this process and turn the controller back on.

After the Freeze:

Once the freeze is over make sure you remove the plant covers and expose them to sunlight.

When temperatures outside get below 32 degrees, the water in the cells of the plants expand and rupture, killing the leaves. DO NOT trim back burned plants until spring.

Note:  Olshan started in Houston has provided industry leading technology to homeowners for over 75 years. It now services more than 50,000 customers each year in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. 

Olshan started as a foundation repair company but over the years has expanded their expertise to include Plumbing and Landscaping Services.

You can contact Olshan at 888-657-4262 or at to learn more or to get a free estimate for your next project.

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