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Landon Donovan video offers a good laugh; star mocks missing World Cup action

Landon Donovan has been in the news since he missed the cut for the 2014 World Cup action in Brazil. Fans, both for and against the idea of him being cut, will love the new video released by EA Sports as it reflects on what athletes do when they get left at home. According to Fox on Tuesday, most talented soccer athletes wouldn't find themselves in this position, but then again the USA team has been riddled with questionable decisions.

Landon Donovan's latest video makes fun of missing 2014 World Cup
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

What fans get to see on the video is hilarious. Instead of Donovan sporting a red, white and blue uniform this summer, viewers get to see Landon in his bathrobe, slippers and moping around his apartment. This is just the setup of what a good soccer player does as once a player then always a player. He finds himself playing the FIFA soccer game on the big screen. Of course he makes the winning goal too.

The controversy surrounding Landon Donovan and the USA team might not have been a good way to start the World Cup competition when it comes to the fan support. Leaving behind one of the most capable players in the sport currently available for the team has people questioning motives and looking at the coaching style of the team.

This interesting issue has people reflecting on the Olympics and the issues that the USA team has had during those competitions as well. While no particular situations arose like the one with Landon Donovan, there does appear to be some question on how teams come together for the United States when it comes to the sport.

Take a look at the video clip of Landon Donovan and make sure to watch until the very end! He appears to make fun of himself moping around and can barely keep a straight face even though he does win the World Cup on the video game.

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