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"Land of the Lost" might be the worst summer film of 2009.


Land of the Lost movie poster

Rating 1 out of 5.

Land of the Lost is based off a number of television shows of the same name.  The original television series came out in 1974 and a remake was created in 1991.

Land of the Lost stars Will Ferrell as a scientist who is convinced that parallel dimensions exist.  With the support of a research assistant played by Anna Friel, Ferrell creates a machine that accidentally takes the duo along with Danny R. McBride into a parallel dimension complete with dinosaurs and a few other surprises.

First off, I am not really a Will Ferrell fan.  I really do not think that he is very funny.  But I have noticed that Will Ferrell does better work when he is not playing the lead role.  For some reason or other when Ferrell is in the lead role, it seems like he can just do whatever he wants.  Due to this the roles are often weak and awkward at times.  Compare this to other films like Blades of Glory, Ferrell is in more of a backseat role and his performance seems more focused, creating a better all around character.  Friel was not hard to look at, but there were a number of "Lassie" moments between her and the creatures that just made me wish the film was over.  The only bright point in this film was Danny R. McBride, Danny is a very funny performer and it was great that he was around for a least some enjoyment from this horrible film. 

I was a fan of the 90's land of the lost and even sort of remember another version coming out in the late 80's.  I really wasn't looking forward to this film, it looked bad and I really do not know what angle the creators were trying to take with this film.  On one side, you had a built in audience and dinosaurs which make the safe bet a family comedy.  But there were a lot of moments in the film that are not suitable for kids at all, these moments are also not subtle.  Then there is the storyline which has so many plot holes that it makes most amateur films look like Citizen Kane.

So while kids might want to see it because of the dinosaurs and such, the honest truth is this film is not ideal for kids or anyone for that matter.  Also based off the poor theater performance, whoever the intended audience was, obviously did not like the film either.  This is a film that should be avoided like the plague.

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