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Land of the Free ????

The inscription on the plaque inside the lower level of the Statue of Liberty reads in part, "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"... The entire poem, "The New Colossus" was written in 1903 as part of a fund-raising effort to build the pedestal for the statue. Apparently, the Obama Administration would prefer only those likely to vote Democrat enter this country- and who cares if they get here legally or not?

What set me off today? The refusal of the US Supreme Court to take up a case regarding political asylum. The Romeike family requested political asylum in the US after moving to Tennessee six years ago. The reason- they home-school their kids- an activity illegal in their native Germany. The Romeike's are Christian so they began their legal adventures with two strikes against them and when an immigration judge ruled in their favor in 2010 our fearless President's Justice Department came after them with everything they could.

How dare these people claim asylum?!? Doesn't anyone realize we have work to do on our immigration system? We have to get the millions of potential Democrat voters who came here illegally in the last couple decades legal status (even if we have to circumvent the law and use Executive Orders). And we certainly don't want any of those Christians here; if they vote our position on abortion won't win us a ton of support.

Denied asylum by the Justice Department, the Romeikes went back to the justice system in an attempt to stave off deportation. The position of the German Government leads the Romeikes to believe that the government will attempt to take away their children if they return to Germany and continue attempts to home-school. The fervor with which the Justice Department has pursued this leads me to wonder if religious bigotry is becoming endemic to our government.

Illegal immigrants have received protected status in certain "Sanctuary Cities" and as a result murderers and other criminals have been released without notifying Immigration and in some cases went back and committed more crimes. Crimes that might very well have been prevented if not for their living in one of the Sanctuary Cities. But if you want to home-school your kids and go through proper legal channels- say bye- you're out of here.

I suspect a different religious persuasion might have changed the government's view on this case. I wonder if the family could have acted differently. Maybe they should have snuck in the country- but I'm pretty sure that would have been morally wrong to them. I don't know what will happen to this family but I do know that this isn't the country the Pilgrims risked their lives to come to.

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