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Land developer boasting preservation has beavers killed due to dam building

Beavers lose their lives because they build dams and caused flooding.
Beavers lose their lives because they build dams and caused flooding.
Laura Krantz/Daily News and Wicked Local

Beavers have made their home near a Hopkinton, Mass. development, which has caused flooding issues due to their dam making, according to the Metro West Daily News. The flooding is occurring at Legacy Farms, a new housing development on 730 acres of land.

The Legacy Farms developer, Roy MacDowell, hired a trapper, Malcolm Speicher, to trap the beavers causing the flooding problems. 42 beavers were killed last month on approximately 200 acres of land. They claim the beavers are endangering the homes being built or about to be built. Speicher anticipates trapping even more.

The land being developed is home to a vast amount of beavers. According to the Metro West Daily News, Speicher stated there are devices designed to help water flow through the dams which allows beavers to remain in their homes. Once the land is developed, those devices can be used so the beavers can stay.

The Legacy Farms website states:
“Over 70% (500+ acres) of the site will be preserved and restored as recreational open space. Legacy Farms also embraces the innovative method of Low Impact Development in its approach to reducing the effect of built areas on the environment and promoting the natural movement of water within an ecosystem.”

At the expense of the lives of over 40 beavers.

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