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Lance Armstrong co-chairs effort to pass California Cancer Research Act

Cancer survivor and advocate, Lance Armstrong, a 7 time Tour de France winner has agreed to co-chair the efforts to pass the California Cancer Research Act which will appear on the ballot in the next election in California.

He said, “The California Cancer Research Act will create ground-breaking new investments in the fight against cancer, and being asked to co-chair this campaign with Senator Perata is a great honor for me. I’m not a Californian myself. But as a cancer survivor, I’ve actively supported similar initiatives around the nation, and I’m grateful that Californians are taking aggressive action against the world’s leading cause of death. Being a part of this effort with our partners in the cancer community is a big thrill and I’m looking forward to getting to work on it.”

This initiative is also endorsed by the American Cancer Society, The American Lung Association, The American Heart Association, and Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. It would add $1.00 to the cost of a package of cigarettes with 98% of the funds being invested in cancer research, tobacco prevention and cessation efforts and only 2% towards adminstration costs.

One out of every two Californians will be diagnosed with cancer within their life time. The number reason for getting the disease is smoking. The use of tobacco is linked to 30% of all cancers including cancers of the lungs, mouth and oral cavity, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidneys, as well as others. The California Cancer Research Act is expected to provide about $500 million in additional funds for cancer research. California has been a leader in cancer research including several winners of the Nobel Prize for medicine.

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