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Lance and LeBron need to study the book of James According to a May 26 article i

MAY 26: LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat reacts against the Indiana Pacers
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Lance and LeBron need to study the book of James

According to a May 26 article in ESPN, Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson told reporters that Miami Heat forward LeBron James’ trash talking was a sign of weakness. Stephenson’s comments were made to reporters after game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals. The Heat currently leads the best of 7 series 2 games to 1.

Trash talking has long since been embraced and viewed as a part of sports culture. In sports like basketball, the rivalry and bad blood existed from team to team, and got worse as the series progressed. The team on team animosity is now more about individual player against player. This is due in part to the advent of Twitter and social media. Comments are no longer made in secret, and athletes seldom pass up an opportunity to respond.

In an effort to curtail some of the more incendiary language, the National Football League announced that it was considering giving teams a 15 yard penalty for using the N-word. The announcement was made in February and is subject to approval by the league owners.

The Bible speaks specifically about the tongue. It addresses how the tongue is used one second to praise God, and then later to curse men. It infers that a man who cannot control his tongue is a man that is out of control.

One Christian sports fan felt as if the verbal incidents have gone on far too long. ”Never mind being a role model; the verbal bouts are offensive and out of order. You don’t have to be a lip reader to know what is being said. The Bible calls on us to let out lights shine in a manner that glorifies God. This is clearly not the case. How can we expect boys and girls to control their mouths, and give sports figures a free pass?”

Sports have long since been viewed as being separate from the “real world.” Recent incidents, such as the Jonathan Martin locker room incident, have put sports in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Should Christian athletes speak out more often?

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