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Lancaster County Fishing: Lake Grubb

View of the shoreline where trees within the water make a spectacular habitat for bass.
View of the shoreline where trees within the water make a spectacular habitat for bass.
Photo: PA Fish and Boat Commission

Lake Grubb is located in West Hempfield Township and is surrounded by 55 acres of woods and a mile-long trail that follows the shore around the entire circumference of the 13 acre lake. Lake Grubb is a true challenge for several reasons. The first is that no boating is permitted on the lake as well as wading. There are several shore access areas around the lake; some simple to get to and others a little more adventurous. Another difficulty that anglers deal with is the bottom of the lake that is covered in fir tree stumps with branches, weeds and a thick layer of algae that creates a ring around the shoreline in the summer. Finally, Lake Grubb was once an iron ore mine which makes it incredibly deep and the water crystal clear. There are very few shallow areas and since there is no boating allowed, the deep areas are tough to get your line to. The clear waters make it very difficult to stay out of the view of the wary bass, bluegill and pumpkinseeds that reside in the lake. If you are looking for a true challenge, bring your topwaters, soft plastics and nerves to the weed covered coves and cliffs of Lake Grubb.


  • William Barton 5 years ago

    Having fished Lake Grub a few years ago, this article brings back alot of good memories. We had a family outing there and of course we had to try our hand at fishing. Some access point are easily found and easy to get to the water, but many are a not so easy. Deep casting caused frustration because of all of the snags, but the chance to see the younger members of the family casting, catching and laughing were the high points of the day. A good time was had by all and the many good times bring a smile to my face.