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Lammily doll tackles Barbie: average vs. teenage fashion model

Move over Barbie--another doll has set her sights on the plastic throne. If Nickolay Lamm has his way, fashion model chic is out; average is in!

Lammily doll prototype shows off her averageness
Nickolay Lamm, media kit

The latest in a series of dolls to tackle Barbie was announced Mar. 5, 2014. Boasting more "average" proportions, the Lammily doll joins dolls like the Liv dolls, Laiko Real Teen Dolls and Moxie girls (among others) with smaller busts, shorter legs, and average, healthy teen lifestyles.

However, the Lammily doll takes it a step further with chunkier thighs reminiscent of the Laiko dolls. The doll also is thicker in the waist, wider in the hips and heavier in the rear. In photos, the fully-dressed Lammily doll looks chunky in her clothes, a problem Mattel avoided by nipping Barbie in at the waist so bulky seams and closures would not make the doll look fat. The Lammily motto is “Average is beautiful.”

The articulated doll is the creation of Nickolay Lamm who used the CDC measurements of an average 19-year-old woman’s body. However, it should be noted that the DCD says that obesity is on the rise among average American of every age, and today's average measurements are not necessarily the healthiest measurements. A 19-year-old teen who is chunky in the thighs and rear is already well on her way to being overweight, and no doll can cause or fix that.

Be that as it may, those who blame a "teenage fashion model" doll for the ills of American women for allegedly creating "unrealistic body expectations" are jumping up and down about the Lammily doll. This is a good thing for Lamm who is trying to raise money to bring his vision to production. Click here to donate to Lamm’s crowdfunding project. As for Barbie, she remains #unapologetic.

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