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Lammas activities for families

The corn dolly is a popular Lammas craft
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Lammas falls on August 1st. This day is one of the Pagan’s Greater Sabbats. It is also the first of the harvest festivals. Bangor area Pagan families like to celebrate this Sabbat together. The following are some fun Lammas activities for families to enjoy.

Visit the ocean

Go on a family trip to the ocean. Pack a picnic lunch and some sunscreen and enjoy some ocean air. Bring along some baskets and bottles to collect supplies for magical uses and crafts that will be worked on throughout the year. Sand and sea water can be collected using the bottles. Shells, drift wood, sea glass, stones, and feathers can also be gathered. Shells and stones that have holes through their centers are seen as special rocks sent from the Gods. They can be used to make amulets. Some of the items that were collected during the trip can be used to make a mobile to hang outside from a tree or the front porch of the home.

Go berry picking

August is a good month for picking blueberries and blackberries. This month is also the start of raspberry season. If the family knows a good berry picking spot, the berries can be harvested from the wild. There are also many pick your own berry farms throughout Maine that families can visit.

Lammas cooking fun

Use the berries picked at the farm or buy some at the local supermarket to make pies, cakes, cobblers, and jams with your family.

Cooking with grains is also popular this time of year. Baking bread is a good family cooking ritual. The kneading of the dough is traditional Lammas activity. Breads made from wheat, barley, rye, or oats are the best to make on this day.

A family fire

Make a fire in the family fire pit. If a fire pit isn’t available, be sure to obtain a permit before having a fire. Play some music and dance around the fire. Sit around the fire and talk about your favorite Lammas memories.

Lammas crafts

During this time of year, it is traditional to make woven wheat crafts. Corn dollies are a popular craft for most Sabbats including this one. Smudge sticks are another Lammas craft that families can make. Pagan families may also enjoy making Lammas necklaces.

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