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Lament for the laborers of the world

Workers built corporate America
Workers built corporate America
Natalia Mitkovskaya

You spent two decades of time and money in schools.

It’s sad no one taught you the real game and its rules.

There are more ‘candidates’ looking than positions to be filled.

The job doesn’t always go to the most qualified and skilled.

Rewrite that resume, trying to sell who you are.

If you can’t sell yourself, you won’t get very far.

"When you are all grown up, what do you really want to be?"

No time for that now, just get to work, then wait and see.

Your life's full of bills, college loans, and much fear.
So you take the next job, though it's not a career.

It’s just temporary you say, putting on a good face.

Now years have passed and you’re still stuck in this place.

Finally, you found it, the job of your dreams.

Don’t get fooled, for nothing's quite like it seems.

You now love what you do, giving your life for the bosses.

You think they all love you, till they experience losses.

All your years of devotion are forgotten by all.

When the company’s profits waver and fall.
Pensions and perks become things of the past.

All that you’ve earned is not going to last.

Now your kids are in college and weddings are near.

Your fear has returned since your future’s unclear.

One day you arrive and security is waiting.

“Clear your desk and get out, with no hesitating.”

You arrive home with nothing left but your shame.

It was your job alone, so you must be to blame.

You based all your worth on your work and your pay.

Now you sit around feeling worthless all day.

Start all over and get your resumes sent out.

"Is this what you thought that your life was about?"

Recruiters, like vultures, all gather around you.

“You're now quite old so there’s not much we can do”.

You gave the world your best, and have little left to give.

Was that really the kind of life you wanted to live?

Did you figure out yet who you want to become?

You still don’t know, and you’re feeling quite numb

Poor lonely laborer, you feel so betrayed.

You are not the only loser, don’t feel so dismayed.

Your company and your country don’t care anymore.

Fall in line behind the abandoned, disenfranchised and poor.

So do you know yet who you want to be when you grow up?

You’re too tired to think, there’s nothing left in your cup.

Praise to the working class who made nations great!

Struggle to survive till you die, for this is your fate.


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