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Lambert debuts new single "For Your Entertainment", releases full album tracklisting


"For Your Entertainment" single cover
19 Entertainment/RCA Records

While Adam Lambert's track for the "2012" film soundtrack released to mixed reviews from fans, the first single from his album "For Your Entertainment" made its' debut this morning on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show.

"For Your Entertainment", produced by Dr. Luke, is 3.5 minutes of high-energy, discotheque-inspired dance and glam rock, and is truly indescribable without a thorough listen. There is not a second of the song that isn't influenced by Lambert's signature vocal range and his own love of dance music. Also released on Lambert's official site for download on October 30th, the track is priced at $1.29.

Along with the single, a collector's edition of "For Your Entertainment" is also available at Lambert's official site, and includes a 16-page hardcover photo book, an instant download of the "For Your Entertainment" single, and two bonus tracks for download on November 23rd, all for $24.99.

The full album tracklist and writing credits were released on Barnes and, and is as follows:

1 “Music Again” 3:16 – Rob Cavallo, Justin Hawkins of the Darkness
2 “For Your Entertainment” 3:35 – Claude Kelly/Dr. Luke
3 “Whataya Want from Me” 3:47 – Pink, Max Martin
4 “Strut” 3:29 – Adam Lambert, Kara DioGuardi
5 “Soaked” 4:33 – Muse
6 “Sure Fire Winners” 3:32 – Rob Cavallo
7 “A Loaded Smile” 4:04 – Adam Lambert, Linda Perry
8 “If I Had You” 3:48
9 “Fever” 3:26
10 “Sleepwalker” 4:25 – Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsay, Ryan Tedder
11 “Aftermath” 4:26
12 “Broken Open” 5:03
13 “Time for Miracles” Bonus Track 4:43 – Rob Cavallo


  • Toni 5 years ago

    Love it love it love it, the vocals, very energetic, great dance music, cannot stop listening to it.

  • Tara 5 years ago

    LOVE IT!

  • Marco 5 years ago

    Same is solid....nice to listen to

  • terie 5 years ago

    Can't stop 'boppin' ... LOVE IT!

  • number8gurl 5 years ago

    I'm absolutely in love with For Your Entertainment and can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Adam promises a little bit of everything and I'm excited. But I disagree with your statement that Time For Miracles released to "mixed reviews from fans". Adam's fans loved TFM and purchases of the mp3 raced it up the singles charts on Amazon where it reached #1 and on iTunes where I believe it peaked at #6 or 7. The only reason it has dropped back down is because there hasn't been any real promotion of the song YET. When the movie comes out I would expect a resurgence of interest which would spur purchases of either the 2012 soundtrack and/or the TFM single. TFM and FYE are very, very different which only confirms the fact that Adam can sing anything!

  • xD 5 years ago

    I love it! and you should 2! xD IT IS SO HOT!


  • xD 5 years ago