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Lamb of God documentary "As The Palaces Burn" set for Phoenix-area screenings

Lamb of God promo shot
Lamb of God promo shot
Photo by Travis Shinn

Fans of Virginia-based heavy metal band Lamb of God love it when their favorite group makes headlines, as they often do in the music press around the world. For the past few years though, the band has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as lead singer Randy Blythe was arrested in 2012 on manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic, accused of causing the death of a fan that he pushed from the stage during a concert in Prague in 2010. Ultimately Blythe was exonerated (last year) and the band’s focus is now back on the music, and fans can now get the details of the event in the new documentary film “As The Palaces Burn,” soon to be screened in the Phoenix area.

Lamb of God "As The Palaces Burn" movie poster
Courtesy of Epic Records and 9.14 Pictures

“As The Palaces Burn” is named after the title of the third Lamb of God album and is directed by Don Argott for Epic Records and 9.14 Films. The show begins with shots of Blythe walking along the James River in Richmond, talking about how he lived there for a while as a derelict before Lamb of God happened, and marveling at how now he gets paid to travel the world “and scream.” Band members reminisce, fans are interviewed, then about a third of the way into the film the incident in the Czech Republic comes up and that story takes up the rest of the film, playing out as the band sweats the situation back in the States while Blythe endures a weeklong trial in Prague. The Czech authorities allowed the trial to be filmed and Argott’s footage captures the seriousness of the proceedings every time he shows Blythe’s face. Fans may have read the details of all this previously but the film really immerses the viewer in the situation, making for edge-of-the-seat viewing even though it is already known that the charges are dropped.

Lamb of God fans in the Phoenix area can see a special screening of “As The Palaces Burn” that will also include a newly-filmed Q&A session with the band at FilmBar (815 N. 2nd Street, Phoenix) or at the Digiplex Surprise Pointe 14 (13649 N. Litchfield Rd., Surprise) on February 27. Digiplex Surprise Pointe 14 will have an encore showing on March 17.

“As The Palaces Burn” is screening all around the world; for a list of theaters and show times visit the “As The Palaces Burn” website.

For more information on the band, visit the official Lamb of God website.

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