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Lamar Odom hoping Khloe Kardashian will bring him to Kim’s wedding?

Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom's Twitter

Lamar Odom is returning to the United States after he quit the Spanish team after an injury. He had been hoping to relaunch his career in Europe, but things didn't work out for him. He was quick to return home and he is now planning on fighting to keep Khloe Kardashian with him. However, he shouldn't be planning on heading to France in May when Kim is getting married. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on March 20, Lamar Odom really wants to get back together with Khloe and one can imagine he is hoping that he will go as her date for Kim’s upcoming wedding.

“That’s bad energy for Kim. She wouldn’t want to do that to her sister,” a source has revealed about the upcoming wedding. It sounds like Khloe will pick someone else to go with, even though Lamar really wants to get back together with Khloe. “He knows Kanye and knows how bomb and off the chain his wedding is going to be,” a friend says. “It’s going to be one big party and he’d love to go and be with Khloe too but he hasn’t been invited though.”

Of course, Khloe has been working on herself and she has been trying to move past her divorce. She recently revealed in an interview that she is still dealing with the feelings and hurt that Lamar put her through.

Who do you think she should bring to the wedding?

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