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Lala vs. iTunes



You’re listening to Midlake a local to the area, and you decide you want to have their most current song. Of course, you go to iTunes as many others do.

Have you noticed that currently iTunes has begun charging over a dollar for specific songs upon it’s website. Of course, most of us still want to get our Mp3’s but paying $1.29, is fairly high for a single.

Lala, which at one time was a competitor to iTunes, has been getting a good amount of listeners these days. Much like iTunes, you can search for music and buy. Once signed up for the site (which is free), you receive thirty free points. This allows you to add songs to your playlist. You cannot send them over to a cd., but you can listen to any song continuously. You can also add your entire song collection from your computer to the website, and listen to them computer to computer. If that was not good enough, you can also listen to any song for free, but once. This means you can search from over 8,000 songs to listen to. iTunes allows you to only listen to a song for thirty seconds.

Many consumers are beginning to get into the Lala phase, and beginning to go strictly to them before attempting Itunes. So the competition was on until Mac decided on purchase Lala.

Many currently fear that Itunes has bought Lala in order to kill it, because at the moment it’s such a hot commodity. Then again, it’s a good buy for Mac who is trying to take keep control of what is hot, and in demand.

So who is your music store of choice?


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