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Lakeside will soon be covered by an "Emergency Net"

Lakeside Fire Protection District's River Park Station
Lakeside Fire Protection District's River Park Station
Photo by Rebecca Murray

A new amateur radio net will be helping to keep Lakeside residents safe as well as informed about any emergencies. The "Lakeside Emergency Net" will debut on Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 7:00pm PT as part of a collaboration between amateur radio operators and the Lakeside Fire Protection District.

According to the Lakeside Fire Protection District's official announcement, the new net "provides a unique opportunity for ham radio operators, of all proficiency levels, the opportunity to operate in a net format. But better yet it gives us the opportunity to prepare as a community for potential future emergencies."

The "Lakeside Emergency Net" was made possible by the East County Repeater Association and will be conducted by Lakeside Fire Protection District's Communications Volunteer Group, based at the River Park Fire Station. The repeater output frequency is 147.765 and the input frequency is 147.165. For those with the capability to do so, 79.7 is the tone to access the repeater. The repeater's prime location on Rattlesnake Mountain should mean that Lakeside residents will be well covered.

The Lakeside Fire Protection District covers 55 square miles, protecting 65,000 residents. The District's made up of four fire stations and has an annual budget of $11.75 million. In 2012, they received more than 6,700 calls for service.

A Reserve Firefighter Program was introduced in 2010 to help assist with fighting fires, vehicle accidents, and medical emergencies. In order to qualify to apply for the unpaid position, applicants must be at least 18 years old, a high school graduate (or equivalent), and have an EMT certificate from San Diego County. For more information on the reserves, visit Lakeside Fire Protection District's website.