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Lakers trade rumors: Will Pau Gasol trade happen for Lakers before deadline?

Lakers trade rumors about Pau Gasol are nothing new, but the struggles of the team won't let them die down. These LA Lakers trade rumors are even less surprising to anyone that has seen the Western Conference standings recently. According to a report from Friday (Jan. 31), the current star of the team weighed in on how he is dealing with the losing ways of the team this year.

The LA Lakers may end up trading Pau Gasol before the NBA trade deadline hits on Feb. 20.
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When asked about nearly being in last place in the West, Gasol stated, "I don’t really like to think about our record too much. Kind of rather stay positive and work every single day to make it better and help the team win.”

Addressing what he thinks is in store for the rest of the season he gave a very poignant answer. He stated, "I think we got to be optimistic. No matter what happens from here until the end of the season, if we play well, we get some good wins and we get into winning streaks, whether at the end, we make it or not. If we make it, great. If we don’t, then, at least the games that we have played from this point on have been better, and we got more wins, and it’s been a more positive result and environment.”

He seems to have all the right answers when it comes to talking to the press and that is certainly a sign that he has become a true leader of the team now. That might actually lead to more LA Lakers trade rumors, especially if other teams see how mature Pau Gasol has been through all this losing. He is averaging 16.9 points, 10.2 rebounds, 3.4 assists, and 1.44 blocks per game this year. Those are pretty good numbers for just 31.9 minutes a night and quite a few teams would love to have them.

At 16-30 and having lost eight of their last 10 games, the Lakers have just about run out of time to make a run at the postseason. 10 games behind the eighth spot might be too much of a deficit for even Kobe Bryant to help them overcome. The important question becomes whether the team wants to hold on to Gasol for the future or trade him off for selections in a deep 2014 NBA Draft.

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