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Lakers to host Heat on Christmas Day: Start making your signs

Can Laker fans make these guys cry?
Can Laker fans make these guys cry?
Doug Benc/Getty Images


  • eddie 5 years ago

    Miami won a Championship a few years ago so the 1st one is lame.

  • Talibah 5 years ago

    On the Road to Three-peat the Lakers gotta go through some Heat!

  • Dancin' Girl 5 years ago

    There's nothin' like Beatin' the Heat in LA

    you're crazy sayin' real fans are only in the top tier... dude I'm a season tic holder in premier and we go balls out crazy every game... get the whole section on their feet... get ppl chantin' ... and end up on the jumbo once a game. I know what you're sayin' about true fans but most of "those" fair weather kinda fans are the people that are comin' as clients to say they were at the game... they sit all over the place in premier... I hear ya.

  • juan sanchez go lake 5 years ago

    If lebron,wade,bosh are the three kings then kobe is their god!
    Lebron+wade+bosh kings of wonderland

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