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Lakers sign veteran point guard Steve Blake to 4-year deal

The Los Angeles Lakers made their first move of the off-season Friday, signing veteran point guard Steve Blake to a 4-year deal, reportedly worth $16 million. The move gives the Lakers some insurance at the point guard position, should they be unable to sign Derek Fisher and/or Shannon Brown.

The Lakers signed the veteran point guard in their first move of the off-season.
Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

One thing's for sure: it's goodbye to Jordan Farmar (of course we all pretty much knew that anyway).

I recently wrote about how perfect Mike Miller would be for the defending champs, but Steve Blake may be just as good of a fit. He's a veteran over-achiever who has starting point guard experience in the NBA. He can knock down threes and, more importantly, knows how to run a team.

Not to mention that he won a National Championship at the University of Maryland. Go Terps!.

The Lakers, whose bench has been a cause for concern the last two seasons, have made a great move signing Blake. Farmar played with a sense of reckless abandon and speed that Blake won't bring, but Blake will certainly provide a calming influence that could steer the Lakers bench away from their lead-blowing ways.

Not sure if he's going to help them in the third and fourth years of his contract, but if that's what it took to sign him then the Lakers had to do it.

This may be a summer for high-profile free agents, but Blake may end up having more impact on a championship team than any of them.

Just in case you're not sold, this video should help you embrace Steve Blake. I know how much Laker fans love Nate Robinson!



  • lol 5 years ago

    I love ur last line, we laker fans sure "LOVE" nate from the filthy Celtics!


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