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Lakers plan to reach out to Bulls to interview Thibodeau

The Lakers will cast a wide net in finding a notable coaching hire
The Lakers will cast a wide net in finding a notable coaching hire

Coach Tom Thibodeau has placed himself among the conversation as one of the best coaches in the NBA and it's no surprise his services would be in demand by a club looking for a strong-minded personality that has gotten all he could out of a Bulls team that's been depleted by injuries the past three seasons.

According to ESPN, the Los Angeles Lakers plan to reach out to the Bulls to seek permission to interview Thibodeau for it's head coaching position after Mike D'Antoni resigned on Wednesday.

Thibodeau has three years remaining on a four-year extension worth $17.5 million that was offered to him before the start of the 2012-13 season, an option season, and signed later during the year as Thibodeau said lawyers "were changing language and stuff."

It's unlikely the Bulls will allow the Lakers to interview Thibodeau, even with the overblown "rift" that's been discussed ad nasuem by various media outlets.

According to the Tribune, Thibodeau was involved in the Bulls new practice facility planning last summer and personnel discussions about next season during this season.

The Lakers will also be in no hurry to make a hire as their focus will be the draft and free agency first, possibly leaving a would-be acquisition a preference of coaching hire.

Thibodeau is also one of many reported names the Lakers will try to go after and the hire would have to be able to garner the respect of Kobe Bryant and all while handling a rebuilding situation after the team finished 27-55 this season.

While Thibodeau would be a power hire by the Lakers, with what he's done in his four years as Bulls coach, it's difficult to imagine the Bulls giving permission to them to speak with their coach, who is still under contract and it's even harder to imagine Thibodeau being fine with being one of a few candidates and not the prime target.

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