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Lakers News: Phil Jackson says he will not return to coaching in the NBA

After the Los Angeles Lakers chose to go with Mike D'Antoni as their new head coach following the firing of Mike Brown last season, Phil Jackson basically let it be known that he no longer intended on coaching in the NBA after being passed over by the Lakers. On Jan. 22, Jackson sat down with Fox Sports Live and reiterated his desire to stay out of coaching in the NBA:

"No, I'm not going to coach again." -@PhilJackson11

Along with once again letting it be known that he doesn't intend on returning to coaching in the NBA, Jackson spoke about Jeanie Buss being upset about the process last season and simply not wanting to go through that again.

During his career as a coach in the NBA, Jackson led the Chicago Bulls to six titles and the Lakers to five. As a result of his 11 titles, Jackson has won more titles than any other coach in the history of the league.

Although Jackson continues to express no interest in returning, arguably the greatest NBA head coach of all-time will likely continue to be targeted by team looking to build title contenders in the near future.

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