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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant says 'I don't know' if Mike D'Antoni will return

The speculation has begun to run rampant in Los Angeles on if head coach Mike D'Antoni will be brought back for another season. Many believe it is time to part ways and Kobe Bryant might be onboard with that thought process. Kobe said that he isn't sure D'Antoni has earned another year with the Lakers on the Dan Patrick Show via Serena Winters of Lakers Nation on March 19:

"This morning Kobe Bryant said "I don't know" when asked by @dpshow if he's earned another year to coach the Lakers."

After Kobe was officially ruled out for the season, the five-time NBA champion spoke to the media and bascially demanded drastic changes before next season. Kobe doesn't want to play for a losing squad next year or the year after in the twilight of his career.

Shortly after the press conference to announce Kobe was ruled out for the season, rumors started to spread of the future Hall of Famer not wanting to play for D'Antoni moving forward. Although it is only speculation, Kobe's comments on the Dan Patrick Show may have confirmed the fact that he does want D'Antoni fired in order to start with a clean slate once again.

Usually, when Kobe speaks and asks for changes to be made, the Lakers listen and make those changes.

With that being said, it'll be interesting to see what direction the storied franchise takes in the upcoming off-season. The Lakers coaching staff and the roster may look completely different.

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