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Lakers News: GM Mitch Kupchak willing to make trades heading into 2014 NBA draft

The 2014 NBA draft is rapidly approaching with the NBA draft lottery set to take place on May 20 and the draft to follow on June 26.
The 2014 NBA draft is rapidly approaching with the NBA draft lottery set to take place on May 20 and the draft to follow on June 26.

Heading into the 2014 NBA draft, the Los Angeles Lakers will have a lottery pick that could change the direction of the storied franchise. With plenty of talented players potentially having bright futures in the NBA in the upcoming draft, the Lakers will have a touch decisions to make come May 20 when the NBA draft lottery takes place. Reportedly, the team is open to trading their high draft pick for a good offer and also potentially trading for another pick in the first round, according to Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News on May 16.

It has been rumored over the past few months that the Lakers could make a blockbuster deal on draft day depending on the team's draft position. A high draft pick could open the door for discussions with other teams:

Mitch Kupchak says he is willing to trade current pick (1-9) for good offer. Also wants to trade for another pick for middle/late 1st round.

With Kupchak leaving the door wide open for trades, anything can happen on draft day with the Lakers potentially wheeling and dealing in order to get the team back on track next season or at least in the near future. There's a lot of uncertainty heading into the NBA draft lottery with the team's draft position likely to determine the direction of the franchise.

It may not be out of the realm of possibility that the Lakers pursue superstar Kevin Love on draft day if the Minnesota Timberwolves are willing to discuss a trade involving a high draft pick. Love has been rumored to be fond of the Lakers and seemingly wants out of Minnesota.

The Lakers brass have already let it be known that they'll start to ramp up the search for a new head coach once the results of the draft lottery are in. A high draft pick could make a major difference in the decision-making process.

The players currently receiving a lot of buzz around the NBA heading into the draft are Dante Exum (Australia), Andrew Wiggins (Kansas), Jabari Parker (Duke) and Joel Embiid (Kansas). Any one of the players mentioned could be the first overall pick in the upcoming draft with the Lakers being linked with Exum more than any other.

Although Exum has been linked to the Lakers for quite some time, Kupchak and company might not be able to get their hands on the Australian phenom if unable to land a pick in the top five. At this point in time, the Lakers are most likely to receive the sixth overall pick with Aaron Gordon (Arizona) possibly the best player available.

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