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Lakers-Celtics in the NBA Finals: Let's do this...

The wait for Kobe and the Lakers is finally over.
The wait for Kobe and the Lakers is finally over.
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Everybody got their wish. Los Angeles Lakers fans. Boston Celtics fans. David Stern. Everybody.

Ok maybe not LeBron James and Steve Nash, but it's a very small percentage that won't be ecstatic when the Lakers and Celts take the court tonight for game one of the NBA Finals.

Before the Phoneix series, I asked Lakers fans who they would rather see in the Finals, the Celtics or the Orlando Magic. Despite having beaten the Magic just a year ago, the fans resoundingly picked the Celtics, who tore the Lakers' hearts out just two years ago.

The teams are, in fact, very similar to those teams that met in 2008. I turned on ESPN Classic last night and they were showing the infamous game four when the Celtics erased a (Lakers fans cover your eyes) 24-point lead to beat the Lakers at Staples Center.

The funny thing was, if you replaced Vladimir Radmanovic with Ron Artest and James Posey with Rasheed Wallace, the teams would be virtually identical. And of course this time Andrew Bynum will be wearing a uniform instead of his classy sweater-vest on the sidelines.

Despite the similarities in rosters, it's been well documented that this will be a very different series from two years ago. I have already outlined some of the reasons here, and I'm done analyzing. It's time to sit back and enjoy.

This is what fans wait for. The league's two premier teams battling it out for the championship.

Predictions: There will be blood. There will be heartbreak. The Lakers will win game 7 at Staples.


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  • Kobe hater 5 years ago

    Kobe is a sex offending piece of crap. He cried like a baby when things weren't going his way in Phoenix. He's a punk-ass loser. Good luck Celtics~kick some Laker-loser-butt!

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