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Lakers 2009 Championship Rings Revealed

2009 Lakers championship ring.
2009 Lakers championship ring.
Photo thanks to Lakers Nation / Ring constructed by Jason of Beverly Hills

The Lakers 2009 championship rings were given out on Tuesday night. These 2009 Lakers championship rings are pretty flashy, and could put any ring you have seen before to shame. The glitz and the glamour of the Lakers 2009 championship rings are almost overkill, but when championships in professional sports are so hard to come by, it’s almost understandable. These Lakers championship rings aren't going to be soon forgotten either, and their sheer weight looks to be to build up those arm muscles.

The 2009 Lakers championship rings were created by Jason of Beverly Hills, and were made with a special batch of 15-karat Laker gold to commemorate their 15th NBA championship. The statistics don't end there though, as the ring has 15 diamonds in it, weighing a total of 2.85 carats. It's a remarkable looking ring that is setting itself apart from some of the past Lakers championship rings because of the details on the side.

Each of the 2009 Lakers championship rings have the individual players name and number, but there is also an engraved image of the player to add that special personal touch for these players. To take it even further than that, the rings are shaped in the image of Staples Center, where the Los Angeles Lakers play all of their home games. It's pretty remarkable both in shape and size, and something that is really going to help these players remember this moment in their professional lives.

The newest Lakers championship rings were handed out at the season opener for the Los Angeles Lakers before the game, with rings handed out to the personnel, coaches, and players before the new championship banner was raised to the rafters. As if that wasn't enough to totally set off the night, each of the ring recipients was also give an oversized box to place the ring where there are two LED lights built into it to help set of the "bling" of the ring.

Source: Ring Stats


  • lakers blow nuts 5 years ago

    lakers blow balls... kobe aka pubes needs to retire, hes done for, he aint lebron

  • somebody is jealous 5 years ago

    hahahaha u must be a rockets fan

  • Lakers baby!! 5 years ago

    lebron aint shiit compared to kobe!!! look at that lil high schooler dunk on lebron hahaha hes a joke! not even with shaq they lebron cant do it Celtics tore them down!!! Kobe was born to handle the ball! Lakers soon to be 2010 champs!!! bring home another ring slighty different from the one up above! haha

  • Ricky P 5 years ago

    Hey that Ring Is ugly. About the only thing it has going for it is its size. What moron forgot to put at least a hint of their colors in it. just plan bad taste.

  • For the lost and confused 5 years ago

    Kobe had 3 rings on his hand at this point in lebron's career. The rings don't lie

  • Dblock 5 years ago

    If lebron is so good why did they lose last night?

  • eff the haters 5 years ago

    obviously some people are just jealous of the lakers... i mean if i was a fan of a different team then I would be too; the best coach, the best player (hands down), the best GM, the best fans.... thats a lot to be jealous of. However, they did just win the championship when everyone thought it would be lebron's year. They also beat the high powered Celtics this year that proved they can't do anything worth talking about without THREE Hall of Famers on the court. Obviously its too early to say, but the Lakers are a greedy team when it comes to rings and greatness so I'm feelin a repeat. Plus, the ring is ridiculous and near all rings before it to shame. It's beautiful

  • SCSIGirl 5 years ago

    Don't hate Kobe because he's GREAT! Hate LaBron because he can't measure up! Wooo FOUR championship rings...I did say there were FOUR didn't I??? ~(*-*)~

  • Lafan 5 years ago

    How can u say that ring is bad taste? Guess u don't like diamonds and gold with self images engraved u need a lesson on good taste. And there is color in there its called GOLD!

  • GOLAKERS 5 years ago


  • purple and gold 5 years ago

    stop hatin the lakers people...2009 WORLD CHAMPIONS...and the ring is THE BOMB!!!

  • Nancy 5 years ago

    Nice, but to say it puts any other championship ring to shame, is untrue. I know it's a different game, but did you see the Steeler's Championship ring...makes the Lakers ring look weak!

  • shyneice 5 years ago

    lakers iz da shyt sence lebron so good y he aint got a championship ring thnk about it u suck get out of here lakers go so hard i love you coby

  • shyneice 5 years ago

    it dntmatter bout itz color dey gt one when u gt a rng then u hate until den bak off da lakers and dy championship ring kz dey wnt all da way nt u or whoeva so gt a lyfe and jmp on somethng new they madeit 2009 dy kan make it again haha yall silly lakers go way hard purple yellow all day la

  • reply to nancy 5 years ago

    are you kidding me i just went and looked at the steelers rings they got this past year and to be honest they are pathetic compared to the lakers rings,the lakers ring has twice as many dimonds on the outter part of their rings thatn the steelers have on their entire ring! and the cost is more than tripple the price of the steelers ring! hect any normal person can afford to purchase the steelers ring, you need to be rolling in cash to afford the lakers!

  • English 5 years ago

    shyneice, how ignorant and uneducated are you?

  • shakedown 5 years ago

    best damn ring since the miami heat championship. the staple center shape is clever but it should've had a hit of laker purple and gold included.

  • shakedown 5 years ago

    the celtics, if they stay healthy and keep on the pace they were on when they beat queen james and old daddy o'neil, they will reign again as champions. the lakers are no joke and kobe is no question the baddest joker on the floor but if denver has its way, they will win the west and they pretty much have the lakers number!

  • shakedowns stupid 5 years ago

    denver doesnt have there number moron

  • Lakers#1 5 years ago

    Forget all you Laker Haters There The Best And You Need TO Stop Being A Buntch Of Haters They Won Face It And Whoever Said The Steelers Ring Is Beter Your Full Of It I Looked At Them And They Suck Its All About The LAKERS

    Were #1 Bitches

  • Lakers#1 5 years ago

    If You Got A Problem With What Im Saying Send Me An Email