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Laker Parade 2010: MVP Kobe Bryant, the players, the fans and the trophy (photos)

Laker fans, animated and excited, get riled up as the parade begins.
Laker fans, animated and excited, get riled up as the parade begins.

Kobe Bryant holds the NBA Championship trophy above Los Angeles (Capra Photo)

The Los Angeles Lakers celebrated with their fans and city today with a parade. The Lakers, who won the NBA Finals after taking the Boston Celtics all the way to a game 7, celebrated a back-to-back championship.  The parade kicked off a little after 11:00am with between 500,000 and 2 million people lining the streets around Staples Center. Fans from the city of Los Angeles and all areas of California were on site with homemade signs, jerseys, yellow and purple balloon hats, horns and more. It went off without a hitch, as the LAPD handled security issues and Laker fans were just plain happy, fllled with pride.

The team stood atop a flatbed bus with their NBA Championship trophy, as well as wives and families, such as Odom's wife Khloe Kardashian. Fans were insanely entusiastic for the 30 seconds they were able to wave and chant for their Lakers who strolled by. The parade route lasted 2 miles and a little less than an hour. Fans filled empty buildings, bridges, rooftops and more, anything to see their Lakers. It seemed that even if you were not a huge Laker fan, the parade was the place to be. The bus was equipped with speakers so the Lakers were able to thank their fans. Phil Jackson was absent due to some medical attention he needed, but his victorious team were making him proud. The event was one many Laker fans will never forget and hope they can relive next year when their Lakers clinch a "Three - Peat."

Check out these photos of the Laker players on the bus and waving to their fans. Below these photos you will also find a slideshow of fan photos and more on the Laker Parade.

MVP Kobe Bryant holds up the NBA Championship trophy after getting onto the bus with his daughters and wife. He by far received the loudest and most personal cheers from fans. With signs reading "Back to Back with out Shaq, This is KOBE's town" to "M-V-P" chants, it was clear this man was a hero to many.

Laker favorite Pau Gasol boards the bus.

Ron Artest wore a black top hat with purple and gold feathers and was all smiles as he held his daughter on his shoulders and a cigar in his mouth.

The big man, Andrew Bynum, heads to the float.

The Lakers clinch 3-point shooter and veteran Derek Fisher waves to the crowd.

Shannon Brown, with a young one in hand, follows his teammates onto the Laker float.

Jordan Farmar greets fans who call his name as he waits for the parade to begin.

Josh Powell and his newborn baby son head to the Laker craze.

Lamar Odom hugs his teammate Sasha Vujacic after he arrived on the bus with wife Khloe Kardashian and mother-in-law Kris Jenner.

Luke Walton is all smiles as he heads over to the Laker parade.

Sasah Vujacic made it his mission to get the crowd louder and louder.

DJ Mbenga heads over the the parade bus.

Adam Morrison joins the team bus with his family.

The Lakers begin the parade turning the corner of Figueroa and Chick Hearn Court; Kobe Bryant holds the trophy and the team shows their love to the hundreds of thousands of fans.

Kobe holds up 5 fingers for the 5 NBA Championships he has won. The fans go crazy for him.

With the endless number of fans present at the Laker parade, the LAPD took no chances and lined the route with officers, standing, bicycling and on motorcycles.

Kobe Bryant grabs the microphone to give a shout out to his fans and thank them.

Check out more great photos from the Laker parade  in the slide show below.


  • Shamora 5 years ago

    Born and raised in Carson California, been living in Columbus Ohio for a year. Been a Laker fan since i was 3years old. Been sporting Laker gear all year long out here in Columbus, the people here dont like it, but oh well. Happy We Did It Again!!!!! I Told These People Out Here Cleveland didnt have a chance!

  • jessica 5 years ago

    iam so inspired with everything the lakers done and im so sure there gonna win next year

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