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Lake Pleasant: Comes to Life at Night

Lake Pleasant at Night
Taken by: Tara Takemoto (Author)

Lake Pleasant located in Arizona is known for its history and beautiful scenery. Many Arizona residents and visitors flock to the lake to learn its history and to have a relaxing time. The lake is not only known as a great place to explore and cool off on hot summer days, but is also known to be haunted.

With the vast numbers of deaths at the lake and its history of Native Americans; how can the place not be haunted. There are accounts of visitors seeing ghostly shadows of Native Americans standing on the cliffs and mountains that frame Lake Pleasant. Visitors have seen a shadow figure running along the cliffs. One has even seen a dark triangular shadow fly over the water. Some visitors have felt as if they were being followed by a spirit.

While the lake is serene and beautiful, there is a darker world when the moon comes up and the sun goes down.

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