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Hiking in San Diego: Lake Murray

Lake Murray from a distance
Lake Murray from a distance
Mike Long

Part of Mission Trails Regional Park, Lake Murray is located in central San Diego. The lake is a great spot for hiking, biking, fishing, boating, and camping. This is a family friendly hike, suitable for strollers and dogs. There is a picnic area with tables and a concession stand (limited hours). You could come here just to eat lunch and look at the lake, without even going for a hike.

The trail is 3.2 miles, but does not go all the way around the lake. Remember that as far you walk, you will have to walk back. So keep track of how far you have gone if you do not want to walk 6 and a half miles. The path is mostly flat, but does have several sharp turns, so be aware of bikers.

Wildlife is abundant on the trail. Once I saw 6 rabbits on the same day. There are also birds, frogs, and lizards. There are baseball diamonds near the path. You can hear kids playing and cheering. If you need extra motivation to exercise, pretend that they are cheering for you!