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Lake Lanier lunkers bass fishing is now

Huge 43lb. lunker caught on Lanier in 2012 spring windy day
Huge 43lb. lunker caught on Lanier in 2012 spring windy day
Bob Benson

Lake Level: .77 up from full pool. Clarity: Main lake is clear, creeks are stained. Temperature: 64 degrees.

Spawn in on at the lake, the bass/stripers and hybrids are found along the shorelines of the lake. The shallow weed lines and pockets and back into the creeks and points. Buebacks and gizzard shad are attracting lunker size bass. Jerkbaits, soft plastic, and shaky head are rocking the lake. The weather continues to warm up this week, if this is the case then we will see the spawn taper off in just a couple of weeks. But you know how Mother Nature is and the harsh winter could throw a monkey wrench into everyone’s plans for spring bass lunkers.

Bedding fish

Crappie fishing is still good, and man are they biting anything you put out there. Pockets, brush, and creeks are still holding and docks are sporting the bigger fish. Now is the time to get your fish on while the fishing is good and before school is out and the lakes get crowded and the boat driving is wreckless for lack of a better word write now.

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