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Lake Hopatcong monster: New Jersey town searches for 16-foot anaconda

There is an anaconda on the loose in Lake Hopatcong
There is an anaconda on the loose in Lake Hopatcong

According to on Wednesday, authorities are still frantically searching for the green anaconda snake that is loose in Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey. The Department of Environmental Protection has gotten involved, setting traps in the lake located around 30 miles west of Newark. The area has been the location of many sightings of this 16-foot snake, first just identified as a boa constrictor.

The animal control authorities had originally asked reptile expert Gerald Andrejcak for assistance, but when he identified it from photographs as a green anaconda, they asked him to keep it quiet to avoid a panic. In the course of his own investigation, he has seen it twice. In one incident, it actually swam through his legs! According to, Andrejcak decided to come forward with the snake’s true identity when the situation reached panic level anyway.

People do need to be aware of what is going on there at Lake Hopatcong. Andrejcak has said that there could possibly be more than one snake. There is a Twitter account to keep people posted about the search for the snake. The official name was changed to @Hopatconganaconda after the news broke that the public had been slightly misled about the identification of the snake.

Hopatcong Anaconda @HopatcongBoa · Jul 19

Im sorry to anyone that feels I've wronged them. Although an anaconda is technically a boa, it WAS misleading. Signed, the Big Scary Freak

Television news reports have begun to surface with quotes from authorities which shed doubt on Gerald Andrejcak’s credentials and suggest that the snake has never been officially sighted. This overlooks the fact that several people have seen the large reptile in the area around Lake Hopatcong. Andrejcak has a degree in zoology and 20 years’ experience in breeding and handling large snakes.

It is a very frightening scenario since a green anaconda can grow to around 29 feet and over 500 pounds. They are a member of the boa constrictor family, as the public was originally told, and they can squeeze a person to death. The whole thing sounds like a very bad B-rated horror movie.

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