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Lake Calhoun, perfect spot in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis skyline highlights the backdrop of Lake Calhoun.
The Minneapolis skyline highlights the backdrop of Lake Calhoun.

Are you in need of a new or intriguing rowing location? The typical skimpy pond or average location may not be cutting it for your rowing needs. The change of water can help in multiple ways.

With a new spot to row through the water, not only will it open opportunity to wonderful new scenery, but for better training. The opportunity to experience new waters is certainly worthwhile. If you are used to rowing on the river, a lake can be a different experience. From the way wind, the tide, and how you maneuver can certainly be affected. Not only will it make you a better rower, but allows for new experiences!

Lake Calhoun is perfect for relaxing and hitting up the beach. People flock to this lake throughout the summer months and can be quite the entertaining area. Even local yacht clubs hang here for some fun in the sun. Also plenty of kayaking and canoeing is hot on this lake, but that doesn't mean more rowing shouldn't be happening!

Get out there on Lake Calhoun, get some rowing work done. The water has perfect depth and isn’t shallow like Lake Nokomis and isn’t strongly affected by horrible wakes either. A nice added perk is the Minneapolis skyline dropped in behind the lake, an absolute perfect view! So get out there and enjoy Lake Calhoun!

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