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LaHaie is at Mission Coffee to talk about his mission

Perry LaHaie is in town and is drinking a cup of coffee in a corner at Mission Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs. He flew in on Wednesday night and drove down from Denver from his home in Phoenix. Today he came to talk to some people about his music; his mission and a message for Muslims. It is a message of hope and love and in between the planning calls for prayer. This time of talk and prayer and collaboration is a benefit concert for Cause Central an upcoming media platform and foundation that will highlight artists and missionaries. This is the kind of thing that Mission Coffee is all about, "really good coffee with a mission." The public is invited to talk with Perry and to hear his songs and stories on Thursday evening at the cafe located off of Voyager; north of Interquest on Ridgeline. So what will I ask Perry?

Denver and Colorado Springs
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People want to know how a young husband and father got involved in a ministry to the Muslim world? He starts a ministry called Frontiers in the middle east and talks to churches asking them to get involved in a respectful invitation to get to know Jesus. Meanwhile he has success in music ministry in Nashville and records original songs. Yet he is not pushy and seems accessible, humble and loving. So you are asking "How?"

Engaged or Un-engaged

"If anyone who talks to Muslims about the love of Jesus Christ they are engaged," Perry tells the National Prayer Examiner. So we ask the question if the message is being talked about in the local language? What are the cultural concerns and perhaps barriers? And is the message being passed on to others in the culture? Perry explains that in an area of South Asia over 1 hundred million Muslims have never heard about Jesus. Why have these men and women not been approached? Come hear Perry explain it on Thursday evening. Some of the answers may surprise you.

Prayer as a verb

Like Nineveh the story of the unreached needs to be told and people from churches all over the world need to be trained and equipped to breakthrough the walls. It starts with prayer and prayer is a verb in this context. Jonah disliked the people of Nineveh so he purposely disobeyed and attempted his escape from God's will. Perry LaHaie has quite a story to tell and some great songs to share, unplugged in a classroom atmosphere at a cafe that is a cornerstone of mission. Join us Thursday night at Mission Coffee Roasters at 7 PM. For more information e-mail

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