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Laffing Matterz gets a Slow Burn from Broward Center

There's no business like show business, is Broward Center shady?
There's no business like show business, is Broward Center shady?
Broadway Global and Theatre Chat

Theatre Chat with over 10,000 arts followers just in Florida Theatre Chat alone, breaks the good, bad, and the ugly. Does Broward Center have the last laugh for Laffing Matterz? The laughs that have kept South Florida artists employed for more than a decade by Laffing Matterz are getting a Slow Burn from The Broward Center of Performing Arts. The Carbonell Award winning theatre company Slow Burn, will take over the Broward Center space that Laffing Matterz helped build. The Laffing Matterz following, down to dinning menu will all be a Slow Burn by Broward Center.

The good news is Slow Burn will offer three Equity union contracts, the ticket price is said to be similar. at $69.00 and with the venue that seats about 150 patrons who is doing the math? Slow Burn must have grant money coming from Broward Center because anyone who knows production cost can tell you the cost to produce theatre, royalties, cast, sets.. are much larger than producing musical comedy theatre with wait staff coming from part the Laffing Matterz comedy artists.

This article is to open the door to social media post from patrons and artists. Do you think Broward Center should find a way to keep both production teams in the house? Laffing Matterz did not fit the mold for Carbonell Award nominations. Slow Burn added performances for their productions to be included and embraced by the Carbonell Awards. There are good and bad things about this major change in programming for Broward Center. Florida Theatre Chat 10,000 fans hope new press releases from Broward Center will shine some light on this huge decision. Can this be a win/win for all and how?

Our hopes are Actors who were paid just a portion by the amount of patrons who attended Slow Burn productions, will make more monies now. Gas monies for artists is not the answer to developing local talents. The three Slow Burn Equity contracts for their next production, are a great move in the right direction for the Florida arts community, as it will offer more union contracts to South Florida artists. Their is no business like show business, sadly Broward Center decision takes away royalties and paychecks from the local comedy writers who created the Laffing Matterz material, Cast of nine, Stage Manger, Musical Director, and Sound Designer. "The two that headed the Artistic vision of Laffing Matterz, Rita and Mark Wells could be left without a venue. These two artists embraced the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce and Florida in multiple endeavors, bringing arts lovers around the globe to the fun in the sun arts destination." Broadway Global.

For tickets to Slow Burn's next production visit, or call (954) 462-0222. For question on the future of Laffing Matterz visit Please post this article on your favorite social media sites with comments for a follow up. How can we make this Broward Center decision a win win for Laffing Matterz, Slow Burn and Florida?