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Ladylike style is the trend for fall

What do Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and the ladies of Mad Men all have in common?  They all had that iconic retro, sexy, and sophisticated look; and you can, too, this fall. Runways and stores alike are showcasing feminine, gorgeous silhouettes that can be worn today and years to come.

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Fashion this fall is all about that retro Mad Men feel.  The show has not only earned Emmys for it's outstanding acting and writing, but it has gained attention for it's impeccable style and taste.  Joan and Betty, perhaps, the most influential characters style-wise of the bunch are classic examples of how two very different women dressed in the time period.  This fall, there are numerous stores with designs similar to those in Mad Men and the time period.  A-line full skirts in floral prints, cinched waists, tweed jackets, and long lady-like gloves are down runways and in stores.

How can you get this iconic look, but still make it modern?  For one, knowing where to shop is one of the most important things. You can also wear accessories that are a bit more updated with your clothing pieces to keep the look modern.  If you want to have fun with the whole vintage look, you can also play it up my curling your hair and wearing red lipstick and nail polish.  The best thing about this trend, is it's not really a trend at all!  Many of the pieces in style for this fall can be worn for years to come, because they have that classic 50s and 60s appeal.

Below is a slideshow with a list of items you can wear to get this iconic look.