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Ladyface Mountain goes public

Ladyface Mountain from Calabasas Peak
Ladyface Mountain from Calabasas Peak
Seth Smigelski

Do the Santa Monica Mountains look bigger to you? It might be because the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is about to expand by 612 acres. Most of this new territory (525 acres) is located on the south side of Ladyface Mountain in Agoura Hills. Ladyface Mountain has a panoramic summit and a distinct form, certainly worthy of preservation. In addition to remaining undeveloped, the soon-to-be publicly owned land will protect a wildlife habitat and offer outdoor enthusiasts with new opportunities. Hikers may soon be able to connect Triunfo Creek Park with other areas in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Feel like celebrating? Toast the acquisition with a beer at Ladyface Alehouse and hike to the summit, following this Ladyface itinerary from Weekend Sherpa.

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