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Lady Gaga tops George Wayne's 'Downtown 100' list at number 1

George Wayne hosts annual "Downtown 100" party
George Wayne hosts annual "Downtown 100" party
Jeff Krauss

Last week (May 1), celebrity journalist George Wayne hosted his annual "Downtown 100" party, celebrating fashion, film, music and art's top socialites. This year's celebration honored the most creative people who define downtown New York, where Lady Gaga was crowned no. 1. "[Lady Gaga] is one of the most fabulous, inspiring and relevant people around," Wayne said, according to his event producer, Jeff Krauss.

Lady Gaga's "performance art family," Lady Starlight, Breedlove and Darian Darling also topped the list, along with Alan Cumming, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Ivana Trump, A$AP Rocky, Solange Knowles, Rupert Murdoch and more. "All deserve to be top of the list," Krauss said. "When you think of downtown, they certainly define it. Breed[love] has a cult following downtown for his musical performances, Starlight's DJ-sets exemplify downtown, and Darian is a downtown homemaker."

The Alomar family (Carlos Alomar, Robin Clark and Lea-Lorien) made the list this year too, becoming the first whole family to do so in the 21-year history of "Downtown 100."

It all took place at the new location of an Italian restaurant in Midtown Manhattan called Alfredo 100, where owners there also celebrated their 100th anniversary that night.

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