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Lady Gaga sports bald head during 'Hair' performance (video)

Lady Gaga showed off her new bald look during a performance of “Hair” on "The Paul O'Grady Show” today. Gaga fans are wondering, did Lady Gaga really shave her head or is it a wig cap.

Lady Gaga sports bald head on The Paul O'Grady Show

Before Lady Gaga performed Paul O’Grady commented a lot has changed since the last time he saw her. Gaga replied, "Yes. And I have less hair,"

Watch the video: Is Lady Gaga really bald?

We think Gaga didn't shave her head. She is wearing a wig cap. Click on the photo and take a closer look.

Halfway through the Hair performance Gaga puts back on her turquoise wig.

As soon as Gaga performance video was released “Bald Gaga” started trending on Twitter. The most popular tweet about Bald Gaga said “@BritneyAddicts Bald Gaga? Ok so when Britney goes bald, every bashes her and hates her forever. When Gaga does it, everyone praises her. #iSee...” Of course within minutes, Gaga’s Monster went on the attack to defend their Monster Mother. There was a Twitter cat fight between Britney Spears fans and Lady Gaga fans.

Earlier today, Gaga teased fans about her upcoming performance. She tweeted, “Tonight HAUS OF GAGA is taking over Paul O'Grady in the UK! I'm performing 5 songs and a very special performance art piece ♥ Mother Monster”

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Tell us what you think?

Is Lady Gaga really bald or is it just a wig cap?


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