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Lady Gaga sings quirky Artpop on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Last night Feb. 18, Lady Gaga performed an unexpected ARTPOP track on the new "Tonight Show" starring Jimmy Fallon. It was a queer surprise for Gaga to take the stage and sing the ARTPOP title track for the New York City audience. Fans were anticipating the singer to perform G.U.Y. (Girl Under You), but she did not. Instead, she opted to sit at her piano and croon.

Lady Gaga is haunting at the piano.
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

There was a quiet mood in the air while Gaga sang. She wore a white ghastly space-age outfit with a long platinum blonde Halloween wig. Even though Gaga is a good singer and her voice is appealing, one wonders if she was lip-syncing at times. Things got really strange during a musical break, when all of a sudden, Gaga lifted her arms in the air and went into an MK Mind Control trance and acted like a possessed deranged puppet haunting the sound stage.

When Gaga finally emerged from the piano, and the tempo picked up, it seemed she would burst into choreography. She did not. Gaga just posed and walked down some stairs like a creepy crawly and sang amidst posers.

Compared to other major hits by Gaga herself and her current competition, "Artpop" is not a strong radio track. The lyrics to the disjointed and mundane "Artpop" chorus do not really make much sense, but that is the oddball intention.

"My ARTPOP could mean anything

We could, we could belong together (ARTPOP)
We could, we could belong together (ARTPOP)

We could, we could belong together (ARTPOP, ARTPOP, ARTPOP)"

The song's structure stayed true to the ARTPOP album. Her delivery went into an alternative-music type of sound and she delivered a nice edgy vocal. This does not feel like a real radio pop song, even though it is called "Artpop." It may receive some play, but more shall be revealed. Anything is possible.

It is a shame that Gaga did not have enough resources to put together a full-on stage show to perform G.U.Y. properly before the video comes out. Mother Monster also intended to re-launch her mild-selling ARTPOP CD and help foster concert ticket sales with the performance of the title track.

At the end, Gaga did give Jimmy Fallon a little kiss on the cheek and that was a nice touch. The performance was a tight unusual hot mess for her monsters to rave about.

Watch for yourself and see if you are gaga for the new spooky ARTPOP Lady Gaga.

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