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Lady Gaga reveals she was 'broke' during 2009 tour amid success of 'Poker Face'

Take a trip down memory lane back to 2009 and you'll remember how Lady Gaga's single "Poker Face" topped multiple music charts and gave the singer's career a major boost. The now-27-year-old, however, is revealing that the money was easy come, easy go at that time and says she was essentially bankrupt for part of her Monster Ball Tour.

Lady Gaga's 2009-2011 Monster Ball Tour-slide0
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

According to New York Daily News on March 16, Lady Gaga said in the upcoming EPIX documentary Who the F--k is Arthur Fogel? (he's a famous music promoter, by the way) that despite the success of her debut album The Fame, she poured almost everything she made off of it into the tour.

"I had $3 million dollars in the bank to my name and I threw it all in to make my stage," she said. "So I was bankrupt during the show."

The singer later said that she wanted to get the tour staged in order to get Fogel's attention, adding "and I did." It all certainly worked out in the end, as Fogel approached her to promote and produce the tour with Live Nation, which wrote her a check for $40 million. The Monster Ball tour was also a huge commercial success and made over $227 million, becoming one of the highest-grossing concerts of all time.

Speaking of tours, yesterday Gaga revealed the stage design for her upcoming endeavor, artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball. The stage, which she tweeted a photo of, features multiple runways made of lucite that people can dance underneath. The tour supports last year's album ARTPOP and is slated to begin in early May.

A track originally meant to be included on the album titled "Brooklyn Nights" was also leaked online over the weekend. It was reportedly recorded in 2009 during development of the Monster Ball Tour.

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